Mini Massage Therapy Ball Will Ease Your Achy, Tension-Filled Muscles

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Have you ever wanted to give yourself a neck massage, but you can't because you're only human and not a particularly long-legged octopus? Same. Instead of harassing your partner or friend into helping you out, you could invest in a device that'll do the work for you. And not only the neck massage work, but other muscle tightness or soreness you might have slowing down your body. The device I'm referring to Hyperice's Hypersphere Mini high-intensity vibrating massage ball. You'll want to take it everywhere with you, and you should.

It works out tension in your muscles.

As you may have noticed, massage rollers and percussive therapy guns are all the rage these days in the wellness world. Stretching is great and all, but it's not high tech, and it doesn't target deep muscle tissue. So machines step in to do the work. The Hypersphere Mini is a ball that fits into the palm of your hand. It vibrates at three different intensities—low, medium, and high—and you roll it over your muscles, wherever they need some loosening up. The vibrations are designed to ease tension. Tension is bad. Your muscles will feel good.

It travels well.

You can use this vibrating ball wherever you need to. Really. Because it's so small, it won't take up space in your car—for neck massages when the road trip gets too long—or your workout bag—if you'd rather do all your fitness-related activities at the gym. The TSA will even let you carry in on an airplane for long flights. As for charge, it'll hold two hours worth of it and automatically shut off after 10 minutes of use so you don't overdo it. (That'll also give your hands a rest from holding onto it.) Before you take it out at your desk, at the airport terminal, or near you gym locker, keep in mind that it isn't a silent device. The vibrations make noise. But given the choice between tight muscles and muscle relief, we'll take the relief.